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Natalie Jane Prior was born in Brisbane, Australia, in November, 1963, a momentous month in which President Kennedy was shot, C.S. Lewis died, and Doctor Who started on British television. Her father cherished vain hopes that she would grow up to take over his engineering business, but at a tender age she apparently told him that she did not want to be "a dumb old engineer", and decided that she wanted to be a writer instead. She has never seriously wanted to be anything else, and considers herself extremely blessed that she has been able to turn her childhood dream into a reality.

 Natalie is the author and editor of numerous books for children and young adults. Her work includes the classic picture book The Paw and its sequels (illustrated by Terry Denton), the internationally successful fantasy series Lily Quench, which has well over half a million copies in print, and which was broadcast on BBC Radio in 2006, and The Minivers, a four book series published by Penguin Australia and Scholastic UK. In 2018, Natalie was co-editor with her long-time agent, Margaret Connolly, of the critically acclaimed poetry anthology, A Boat of Stars, which includes new poetry and artwork by some of Australia’s best known writers and illustrators, the first such anthology in many years. In 2019, she will be publishing a new picture book, Wandering Star, with illustrations by Stephen Michael King.

  Natalie has collaborated many times with Sydney based illustrator, Cheryl Orsini, most recently on the picture story book, The Magic Bookshop and A Boat of Stars (both published by ABC Books in 2018). Other books they have collaborated on include Lucy’s Book (Lothian, 2017), PomPom (Penguin, 2013), two titles about The Fairy Dancers and The Tales of Mrs Mancini (all ABC Books).

  Books by Natalie have won the Aurealis Award (for fantasy and science fiction), the Davitt Awards (for crime writing), and have been Honour, Shortlisted and Notable Books in the Children's Book Council of Australia Awards. She lives in suburban Brisbane with her husband, daughter and three dogs. When not writing she likes reading, gardening, knitting, sewing and messing around with ink and fountain pens.

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Natalie Jane Prior and long-time collaborator, Cheryl Orsini, with the first copy of The Tales of Mrs Mancini.


Wikipedia article about Natalie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natalie_Jane_Prior

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