A Boat of Stars Pre-Publication Update and ALIA Library Lover’s Day Poster and Poem

A quick note to remind everyone that A Boat of Stars will be available in shops from Monday 19th February. Don’t forget to order or buy your copy! Meanwhile, here is a taste of some of the magnificent artwork from the book. 

Fruit Salad

This illustration by Sara Acton is for a poem by Lesley Gibbes called “Fruit Salad”. Margaret and I made this the first poem in the collection because we felt that a fruit salad was an excellent metaphor for what we were trying to achieve in the book—a variety of things that blend well together and taste delicious.

The next illustration I would like to share is by Matt Shanks. The poem is called “Shivery", and as it’s one of mine, I have left the poem attached. I wrote this poem very quickly one Sunday morning when I was lying in bed. It was inspired by memories of childhood swims, when it was so difficult to get into the freezing water the first time (pools were always cold in those days, there was no heating), but once you were in, you just didn’t want to get out. My fingers certainly turned into little pink prunes on many occasions. Matt Shanks tells me that he has named the little boy in his illustration Charlie. I love how the circular motion in this illustration perfectly mimics the structure of the poem.


Finally, before I leave this topic, here is an illustration by the talented Kerry Argent for a poem by Alexa Moses called "Pyjama Day”. I think that crocodiles in pyjamas rather speak for themselves.

Pyjama Day

A week or so back, I posted a piece about ALIA’s annual Library Lovers’ Day, and mentioned that I had written a poem for a poster. Here is my poem and the poster. (You can download a better copy of the poster, as well others featuring Australian writers, from ALIA’s website.)

Natalie's ALIA Poster 2018

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