A Toy Christmas: Now Available

Latest news on the publication front is the release of the Sophie Masson edited Christmas anthology, A Toy Christmas from independent publisher Christmas Press. I was really pleased to be invited to contribute to this anthology and even more pleased to see that my contribution, “The Dolls’ Nativity” opens the collection, with illustrations by Fiona McDonald (who also contributed the classic toy illustration you see on the cover).

  “The Dolls’ Nativity” uses a traditional fairy tale format to tell the story of three wooden dolls, Queen Isabel, her major-domo Jacques, and Tourmaline the cook, who set out on a wintry quest to find the perfect present for the baby Jesus in the family’s nativity scene. I had tremendous fun with this story, incorporating singing stars, guiding angels, nativity sets that come to life and, I hope, a sense of what Christmas is really about.

  Other contributors to the anthology are Meredith Costain, Michael Grey, Fiona McDonald, Juliet Marillier, Anna Bell, Ian Irvine, Kathy Creamer, George Ivanoff, Goldie Alexander, David Allan, Rebecca Fung, Beattie Alvarez, with an introduction by Sophie Masson. 

Order A Toy Christmas here.

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