Bologna Children’s Book Fair Virtual Exhibition, May 2020

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Some readers will be aware that every year, just before Easter, a huge children’s book trade fair is held in Bologna, Italy. I think the moment I really knew the COVID-19 genie was out of the bottle was when this fair was cancelled. However, all is not lost, because the organisers have gone online, and one of the main events is now a digital exhibition of picturebooks focused on reading, libraries, bookshops, writers and the book itself. 

Cheryl Orsini and I are extremely honoured that not one, but two of our titles have been included in the prestigious international exhibition, A Universe of Stories, Starring: The BookThe books that are featured are:

  • Lucy's Book, Lothian Children’s Books, 2017
  • The Magic Bookshop, ABC Books, 2018

Elena Pasoli, the exhibition manager, explains.

This collection of titles is displayed in five virtual “rooms” dedicated respectively to bookstores, libraries, writers, books and reading, and lastly, a special room looking at authors or illustrators who have most contributed to the genre.

Cheryl and I are extremely excited that our books are included in the “special room”, where the creation of particularly significant books is looked at in more depth. Make sure you visit the exhibition, and see some of the amazing books on display (including fellow Aussies Ursual Dubosarsky and Ron Brooks). Meanwhile, here is a link to some story videos, especially recorded for the exhibition, which might be helpful in keeping children at home entertained in these trying times.

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