Emotion Horses Therapy Aids

I'd like to share news about the launch of a big project my daughter, Elizabeth Nussey has been working on for several months now. All her life, Elizabeth has been passionate about animals, especially horses, and equally passionate about drawing them; so it is very exciting that she is now using this to start up a small business.

In conjunction with EAGALA therapist, Dr Anja Kriegeskotten, Elizabeth has been developing a range of therapy aids under the name "Emotion Horses". If you are familiar with similar therapy aids developed for kids with ASD and speech problems, you will recognise the format: Elizabeth's art shows a range of faces expressing different, labelled emotions. In Elizabeth's aids, the expressive faces are those of horses. Her therapy aids were developed in the first instance for use in Equine Therapy on the EAGALA model, but they would also be very helpful in more conventional therapy, or for parents or teachers of children with ASD. Elizabeth is also developing a similar range of aids, "Mood Dogs", in conjunction with Sam King, another Brisbane based therapist who works with and trains therapy dogs.

I'm very proud of Elizabeth, as it's a huge thing for someone who is only 17 to develop a product range, and set up and promote a business. Please pass on the word to anyone you know who would be interested in, or benefit from her products.

"Emotion Horses" posters and flashcard sets are available for purchase on Elizabeth's website. http://elizabethnussey.com


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