Lothian Christmas Video for 2017 + Blog Post for Sophie Masson

Only a few more sleeps until Christmas! To get you into the mood, here I am (assisted by my beautiful dachshund, Theodore) helping other Lothian children’s authors recite the night before Christmas. (You can see me, followed by Lucy’s Book illustrator Cheryl Orsini about three quarters of the way into the video.)

Also this week, Sophie Masson has published a guest piece I wrote for her blog. Sophie and I have known each other for many years, and she is one of the contributors to the new anthology, A Boat of Stars, which is coming out in February. (In fact, way back in 1995, Sophie introduced me to Margaret Connolly, the book’s co-editor, who is our mutual literary agent, so she is in one sense responsible for the book even existing!)

Sophie’s come up with the interesting idea of asking various authors of her acquaintance to write about books they have discovered or rediscovered this year. Mine is The Lodger, a crime novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes (sister of of Hilaire Belloc), originally published in 1913. This is a fantastic psychological thriller about a working class couple who unexpectedly find themselves giving board and lodging to a serial killer. It deserves to be better known: you can find out more here (my post is number 1 in the series, so you may have to scroll down the page).

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