Lucy’s Book Launch

Cheryl Orsini and I recently celebrated the launch of Lucy’s Book at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School here in Brisbane. The launch was the brainchild of the ever-supportive Megan Daley, who is very excited by the fact that Cheryl used her as a model for the librarian Mrs Bruce. (This was actually not part of the original plan for the book, but was a serendipitous last minute change—we told the story at the launch, and I’m planning to write it up soon.) Mrs Bruce is in fact named for another librarian, my friend Professor Christine Bruce of QUT, so it was especially appropriate that Christine was the person who launched the book. Thanks also to Where the Wild Things Are for running the bookshop and selling many copies of the book to the nearly 200 people who came.

Megan has written a beautiful account of the day, which  you can read here at Children’s Books Daily. Megan, thank you so much from Cheryl and myself: we had a most wonderful time, and are very grateful indeed for your love for our book.


Here I am with Megan Daley, who is wearing the very dress Cheryl used as the model for Mrs Bruce’s outfit in the book. I never got to eat any of these beautiful cakes! I was too busy signing books!

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