Lucy’s Book Reviews, Fairy Dancers Paperback Edition and Happy Easter, 2017


It’s been so encouraging to see the wonderful reviews Lucy’s Book has been receiving! The book has clearly connected with librarians and bookish people everywhere, as you can tell from this piece in Kid’s Book Review:

Right from the stunningly beautiful book-lined library shelves on the front cover, through to the gorgeous books raining down on the end papers, and all the divinely detailed and busy illustrations in between, Lucy's Book has set my librarian heart aflutter, sent a tingle up my book nerd spine, and immediately transported me 20 years back, deep into childhood nostalgia territory.

Since this is EXACTLY the effect Cheryl and I were trying to elicit, I think this is a candidate for my favourite book review of all time. Lots of other people seem to agree: in 25 years of writing, Lucy’s Book is the first book I’ve published to need a reprint before publication. You can buy Lucy’s Book from Booktopia in paperback and hardback, and “Reading Girl” and “Reading Boy” t-shirts and mugs based on Cheryl Orsini’s beautiful illustrations are available at our online shop.

IMG 0548

There is also news about The Fairy Dancers. The paperback edition of the first volume, The Fairy Dancers, will be available in shops at the end of April. You can pre-order it from Booktopia, and of course, the original hardback edition is still available. (As you can see from this picture, the paperback is in a slightly larger format than the hardback.)

The second volume of stories about Mia, Emma and Grace, The Fairy Dancers: Dancing Days, will be published in September this year. Cheryl’s work for the new book is (as usual) absolutely beautiful, and as a special Easter Gift, I’m going to share a  sneak preview of one of her illustrations.

Rabbits Jumping

Thanks to all who follow my blog: I hope to be back after the holidays with some new craft activities for children and adults. Meanwhile, my blessings and best wishes for a happy and holy Easter and Passover, accompanied lots of lovely hot cross buns and melted butter, chocolate eggs, and relaxing school holidays for all the family.

Natalie x

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