Lucy’s Book Shortlisted for Bilby Awards

I always love it when my books are shortlisted for children’s choice awards: while it’s nice to hear that adults enjoy them, my aim is always to appeal to children first. Kids are very tough critics: an adult who doesn’t like what you have written will usually say something politely non-committal, whereas children will let you have it straight— “that’s a dumb book”.

With this in mind it’s great to see that kids have voted to include Lucy’s Book on the recent BILBY shortlist. BILBY stands for “Books I Love Best Yearly”, and is run by the CBCA (Queensland Branch). It’s particularly gratifying to see Lucy’s Book on this list, because the book only came out in late February; to have made such an impact so early in its life is quite unusual. The book is one of six in the Early Childhood category, and I was also happy to see Narelle Oliver’s Rock Pool Secrets on the list. Today is the fourth anniversary of my good friend Gregory Rogers’s death. Greg, Narelle and I all started our careers together in the early 1990s, and to have lost both these talented Queenslanders to cancer while only in their fifties has been a great loss to the Australian picture book world.

You can see the full BILBY shortlist here.

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