The Tales of Mrs Mancini: Update

I’ve just returned from a trip to Sydney where I have been working on several forthcoming books with various people. With three books to be published  in 2016-2017, there’s going to be lots of news over the next few months, particularly about my next title, The Tales of Mrs Mancini.

Cover Final crop

  It’s true to say I love all my books, but I am particularly excited about this one, as are the lovely publishers at ABC Books. Working on it has been a sheer joy from start to finish, and I think that it shows in the finished result. You probably know that Cheryl Orsini has illustrated many of my books over the years, and this one particularly plays to her incredible eye for detail, and unrivalled ability to draw food. Mrs Mancini is a cat who lives in a patisserie shop, and she befriends and helps the local children: Claudette, from the fruit shop, Jack from the bookshop, and the twins, Daisy and Rose, from the florist. Believe me, Cheryl’s cakes are good enough to eat, and Mrs Mancini herself is welcome to come and live at our house any time she chooses. To give you an idea of the sheer gorgeousness of this book, here is an illustration to whet your appetite:

MM with Parcels

The book is currently at the printer, and will be published at the beginning of November. Meanwhile, the crafty readers of this blog may be interested to know that Mrs Mancini fabric is now available from our Spoonflower shop, along with the range of fabric based on The Fairy Dancers. Here is a photo to inspire you, along with some rather delicious cakes…we feel sure that Mrs Mancini woud approve.

thumb IMG 0018 1024

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