Yes, I Really was a Public Librarian and Here’s Proof!

A bit of background for Lucy’s Book: I really did work as a librarian in the late 80s and early 90s. Today, I have been digging out some old photos for a talk I’m about to present in Sydney, and here I am behind the circulation desk of the very new Kimberley Park Library, in Logan, south of Brisbane, while some of the library assistants do a terrible job of pretending to be borrowers.

1988 Kimberley Park003

For those who are interested in such matters: this circulation desk is interesting because it occupies the technical no-man’s land when libraries around Australia were switching over to computerised catalogues and circulation systems. Because this was a brand new library, and the council was planning to automate the service in the near future, the decision was made not to print catalogue cards. So, you will see neither a card catalogue nor a computer in this library; we opened our doors with only a computer printout of our holdings, and the camera I am using (or pretending to use) at the desk was rented for us until the computerised system arrived some months down the track.

1988 Kimberley Park002

All the staff at this library were absolutely lovely to work with, and we had a very happy and imaginative workplace, which was famous for doing eccentric library displays. Some of my happiest memories of libraries come from working in this place, something I did until I left to become a full time children’s writer in 1992. From left to right in the photo below: Jacky, Cathy, me (Branch and Local Studies Librarian), Kathryn (Community Services Librarian) and Leann.

1988 Kimberley Park001

A big thank you to Hilda Maclean, Local Heritage Specialist at the Logan City Council, for supplying me with these photos.

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