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Support your local independent bookseller! In Brisbane, I am happy to direct enquiries to my local children’s booksellers,


Where the Wild Things Are at West End

Riverbend Books at Bulimba

If you prefer mail order, these links lead directly to copies of some of my more recent books at Booktopia.

Wandering Star (Hardback)

The Magic Bookshop (Hardback)

A Boat of Stars (Hardback)

Lucy’s Book (Paperback)

The Tales of Mrs Mancini (Hardback)

The Fairy Dancers (Hardback)

The Fairy Dancers: Dancing Days (Hardback)

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iBookstore (links to Natalie’s books, including Fireworks and Darkness, The Star Locket and The Minivers)

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Fabric ranges based on The Fairy Dancers, The Tales of Mrs Mancini and Lucy’s Book are available from Spoonflower.

Kits for children’s clothing using the designs are available from Sprout Patterns.

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"Reading Girl” and “Reading Boy” t-shirts for adults and children, based on Cheryl Orsini’s illustrations for Lucy’s Book, are now available at our t-shirt shop.


Natalie’s Mrs Mancini and Fairy Dancers Pinterest boards.


For rights and other enquiries, please contact my agent Margaret Connolly using the correct form on the Contacts page.

Speaking engagements (Sandie Fraser, Speakers Ink).

Sites by Other lllustrators and Authors

Cheryl Orsini (illustrator of many of Natalie’s books including The Fairy Dancers)

Janine Dawson (illustrator of Lily Quench)

Stephen Michael King (illustrator of Wandering Star)

Skye Rogers (writer and crafter extraordinaire)

Alexa Moses (children’s writer and screenwriter)

Sophie Masson (author and publisher of books from Christmas Press)

Elizabeth Nussey (Emotion Horses therapy aids for ASD from Natalie’s daughter)

Other Sites

Children’s Books Daily (excellent children’s literature blog by Megan Daley)

HarperCollins (Natalie’s page on their site; includes purchasing option)

Hachette Australia (Natalie’s page on their site)

Natalie’s Amazon Author Page

May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust

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May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust

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