The Fairy Dancers

Every Saturday, with a hop, a skip, and a magical twirl, Mia, Emma and Grace (with a little help from Mia’s dachshund, Coco) put on their dancing shoes and turn into Fairy Dancers.

There are three stories about their adventures in this book, making it a perfect gift for little girls aged 4-8. Ideal for newly independent readers, and for bedtime stories with Mum or Dad.

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Reviews of The Fairy Dancers

This is a beautiful book and would be lovely to give to a girl about to start ballet classes or star in her first concert. The illustrations are bright and cheerful and included in colour on every page, which is perfect for emerging readers and younger children….Little girls who don’t take ballet will probably ask mum and dad for lessons.

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This pretty pre-chapter book, containing three stories, is a good gift book for junior fiction readers. Young friends Emma, Mia and Grace are three ‘fairy dancers’ who attend an exclusive ballet class. Mia’s sausage dog is the fourth member... The girls are kind and considerate, and Emma’s rebellion in the first story is the only whiff of mischief. The message in each story is as sweet as the dainty artwork, such as the joy you get from thinking of others, or how to rise above disappointments. Children who love fairies and ballet will be in heaven as soon as they open up to the pretty endpapers... With extensive full-colour artwork and simply told stories, emerging readers will see this as a worthwhile challenge. It is recommended for children aged five to eight. (6 August 2015)

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And here are some reviews from real little girls:

'I liked all of it. Mia is my favourite cause she owns Coco 😊’ (Maddi, aged 5, a girl after my own heart!)

‘It was fantastic!! I liked the concert the best because it was a really nice story how they included Grace and didn't leave her out’ (Lexi, aged 7)

‘Read it again!’ (Scarlett, aged 6)

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